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Chromosome Number Database contains mainly chromosome numbers determined for plants from the area of Poland. Its core focuses on a summary of the research conducted in this field by Polish botanists in the years 1950-1990 and published by Pogan E. and Wcisło H. (1991). The base, enriched with data from the following years, will be updated, as successive reports appear.

With few exceptions, the original delimitation of taxa and nomenclature used by particular authors were maintained. For each taxon the following data are given: somatic chromosome number, short information on the origin of specimens studied and bibliographic data.

Currently, in the database, chromosome numbers for 2427 taxa (species, subspecies and varieties) are collected. Complete list of taxa is available below.

We are planning to extend the resources of the base by including data on the chromosome numbers of plants from outside Poland, especially those representing taxa recorded in the Polish flora. We hope for cooperation and help from people dealing with this subject. Anyone who is interested in placing their results, revision of the existing records or expansion of the database is asked to contact: Grzegorz Góralski or Andrzej Joachimiak

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